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The Esterly Standard-
Mat Cutter System

An affordable, sturdy and precise mat cutting system that lasts for years- with easy upgrades & a sizer that cuts foam and glass!

Esterly Standard Mat Cutter

Based on the classic 4-in-1 Esterly wall-mounted cutter, this system is the industry standard for professional artists, photographers, frame shops and galleries.

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Esterly Production Mat Cutter

Speed-Mat has improved on Esterly's high-quality mat board cutter with stronger, more durable construction.

High-quality, High-volume Industrial Mat Cutter

You need dependable cuts, every time. This industrial mat board cutter is a fantastic investment for frame shops, galleries or high-volume mat cutting studios.

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Esterly Advanced Mat Cutter

All the bells and whistles- this mat board cutter includes everything necessary for the custom framer, museum or institution.

The ultimate in matte cutting quality and flexibility

Boost your mat cutting capability. This mat cutter includes a V-groove knifehead and an Oval/Circle carriage to cut basic shapes. Perfect for educational or artistic institutions.

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Esterly Starter Mat Cutter

Perfect photo mat cutter solution for artists, photographers and small shops.

Esterly Starter Mat Cutting System

All the benefits of a wall-mounted mat cutter in a compact design. Ease-of-use and Speed-Mat's customer service secure the value for small businesses.

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The Esterly CMC - Computerized Mat Cutter

Perfect CMC for high-volume frame shops and galleries needing square/rectangular matte cuts and simple speed.

Computerized Mat Cutting System

Speed-Mat's CMC: A true workhorse. Reduce human error and turn every employee into a pro. This electronic mat cutter will increase your productivity to 1,000's mats/week.

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Cutting Mats Made Easy

Watch as Bill Atkinson demonstrates how easy it is to use the Esterly Speed-Mat Cutter. Video courtesy Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

Museum Quality Mats in under 4 minutes? Yes.

Using the Esterly Standard, watch as Bill cuts a perfect mat:

  • Cuts foam core and 2 mat boards to spec with built-in sizer
  • Cut all 4 sides without releasing the mat board
  • Cut both the inner-mat and the outer-mat with 5" margins all-around
  • Cut perfectly concentric 5/8" reveal using built-in stops
  • All in less than 4 minutes - browse mat cutters
  • Watch the video and see for yourself

Is Speed-Mat for You?

We have a full line of Mat Cutters for you:

Customer Praise:

"Very nice system! Very nice piece of equipment!!"
Michael Early
MDE Photo - Chester, VA

"When Esterly invented this, he invented the greatest thing in the world."
Joseph Yorizzo
Huntington Art Gallery - New York, NY

"I am extremely impressed with this cutter! I cut perfect mats my first time and very accurately so. I get a kick out of just showing this to any of my artist friends that work with traditional table top cutters."
Mark Muntean
Mark Muntean Photography - Portola Valley, CA

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Speed-Mat in Action

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Speed-Mat has moved!

We are proud to produce Esterly mat cutters in the U.S.A. as we have for 37 years. Recently, Speed-Mat has moved our production and service departments to a new location in Biddeford, Maine! Please note our new contact information:

  • Speed-Mat, Inc.
    374 South Street
    Biddeford, ME 04005
  • Email Speed-Mat
    Toll-Free: 800-882-7017
    Local: 207-294-4358
    Fax: 207-294-4359

Speed-Mat featured in Book

The Esterly Speed-Mat cutter was used to cut photo mats in a new book by Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins titled: Fine Art Printing for Photographers: Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers.

Speed-Mat Customer Support

Annual Service Contracts

Get the most out of your Speed-Mat machine!

Refresh your mat cutter with an Annual Service Agreement! Our Esterly Mat Cutters have been trusted tools in frame shops and galleries, with quality cuts and decades of use. Buy now and recieve a 25% discount- learn more about the service contract

  • Knife head rebuild
  • Pack of Blades
  • Customer service priority

Call today to purchase a service contract for your Esterly mat cutter!

Speed-Mat Learning Center

Get Mat Cutting Videos, FAQs & Online Resources

Need a hand with your Speed-Mat® Mat Cutter? Looking for Installation and Operating instructions?
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