Watch Speed-Mat in Action

Watch as Bill Atkinson praises the perfect cuts and ease-of-use of the Esterly Standard Mat Cutter.  Video courtesy Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

With Speed-Mat you can cut museum-quality mats in under 4 minutes. Watch as Bill Atkinson demonstrates:

  • Cutting foam core and mat boards to spec with the on-board mat sizer
  • Superior cuts on all 4 sides using the built-in mat board clamp- fully securing 2 sides of the mat board
  • Cutting both the inner-mat and the outer-mat with 5" margins all-around
  • Creating a perfectly concentric 5/8" reveal by simply turning the built-in stops
  • All in less than 4 minutes - browse Esterly Mat Cutters


Speed-Mat Online Training Application

Speed-Mat is proud to offer a new set of training videos online, using Flash technology. For first-time users of the Speed-Mat cutting system, these movies will show you just how easy it is to cut your mats with precision and efficiency.

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