Esterly Standard - Mat Cutter

The Esterly Standard™ mat cutting system from Speed-Mat® is truly "the standard" when it comes to precision, flexibility and price for the busy frame shop, art gallery, museum, artist and photographer.

  • Wall-Mounted Mat Cutting
  • Easy-to-use & Learn
  • Customize to your needs

The Esterly Standard mat cutter is perfectly suited for low to medium (hundreds of mats a day) production environments- a great photo mat cutter or artwork matting solution for frame shops and more.

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The "Industry Standard" mat cutter

This is the latest model of the mat cutter we've been making for over 33 years. Speed-mat pioneered the mat cutting procedure of 4 consecutive cuts and revolutionized the industry with the release of the original Esterly mat cutter. Today it remains one of the best mat cutters on the market:

  • a space-efficient wall-mounted mat cutter - saves space
  • cut without marking, touching or turning the mat - prevents errors
  • no over cuts, no run-ins or no run-outs - make perfect cuts

Base Package Includes

  • 45° Bevel Manual Indexing Knifehead
  • 40" sizer for mat, glass and foam
  • Production Stops/Spacers
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • 100 Esterly Advantage™ blades
  • 1 Year Service Contract
  • 1 Year Warranty

Easily Set Borders

Borders are easily set using rule pointers on the baseboard. Production Stops/Spacers provide preset positions for precise 1/16", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" offsets for cutting v-grooves, double and triple mats.

Choose from 2 different Sizes

Base 32"x40" and 40"x60" packages are space saving, wall-mounted baseboards of lightweight aluminum and a warp-free honeycomb interior. The Esterly Standard mat cutter includes a 45° knifehead for squares and rectangles and 2-to-8 ply mats, and a 40" sizer for mat, glass and foam.

Interchangeable Knifeheads

Esterly Standard is highly flexible. Interchangeable manual knifeheads include a heavy-duty 45° knifehead for 8-ply (comes standard on our Esterly Production and Esterly Advanced mat cutters), a 60° knifehead, a 90° edge knifehead, and a double-blade knifehead for V-grooves.

Upgrade to Pneumatic

Esterly Standard can also be upgraded to a pneumatic knifehead for 4-ply mats. Esterly pneumatic knifeheads engage, disengage and rotate with less effort than manual knifeheads. Speed-mat does not make an 8-ply matte pneumatic knifehead.

Customize Your Mat Cutter

The base carriage is interchangeable with an option for cutting ovals and circles up to 28" x 36" and supports numerous oval/circle knifeheads. The armature gradually progresses the knifehead for a clean cut.

Esterly Standard is more efficient, flexible and affordable than most tabletop and linear cutters. Leasing programs and volume pricing available.

Specifications for the Esterly Standard

View spec sheet for the Esterly Standard.

The Esterly Standard Mat Cutter


Perfect for the busy frame shop, art gallery, museum, artist and photographer. Esterly Standard is available in two models: the Standard 3240 cuts mats up to 32" x 40", the Standard 4060 cuts mats up to 40" x 60". Learn more

Base Package Includes

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The Esterly Standard is efficient and flexible and more affordable than most tabletop and linear cutters. Do you need a bigger mat cutter? We build a number of economical, efficient and easy-to-use Esterly Mat Cutters.

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