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Cutting a V-Groove in your Matte


  1. A V-grove provides an accent line around the outside of a mat opening giving an effect similar to the ruled lines on a French mat.
  2. Cut the artwork opening in the normal fashion with the mat face in. Remove the mat and place it back in the machine face out. Reset the mat borders for the desired spacing of the V-Groove from the mat opening. Turn the depth screw on the knifehead one turn clockwise to decrease the knife depth so the blade will not cut all the way through the mat.
  3. Make the first four cuts in the counterclockwise direction which is backwards from the normal cut direction.
  4. Set the right stop spacers to the "V" position. Make the right cut in the upward direction.
  5. Set the right spacers to "0" and the top spacers to "V" . Make the top cut from right to left.
  6. Set the top spacers to "0" and the left spacers to "V". Make the left cut in the downward direction.
  7. Set the left spacers to "0" and the bottolm spacers to "V". Make the bottom cut from left to right.
  8. Set the bottom spacers to "0" and from the top left make four cuts in the normal clockwise direction. Remove the V-Groove strips after you have cut each side so they do not interfere with successive cuts.
  9. Please note that the outside dimensions of the mat must be accurate. If they are not accurate there will be an uneven spacing between the mat opening and the V-Groove.

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