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Cutting 8-Ply Mats

  1. Rectangle Carriage: The ball bearing carriage is preferred for cutting 8 ply mats, but good results can be achieved with the standard Speed-Mat carriage. The standard carriage must be in good condition with no play in the rollers or roller plates. Production stops are recommended, but standard stops may be used if they are new and still have a solid grip.
  2. Standard Knife Head: Without reworking, the standard head does not allow proper blade return. When the foot is adjusted for 8 ply, the knife extends beyond the bottom of the pressure foot causing the blade to bend when the head is lowered onto the mat. Also, when the foot is in the 8 ply position the blade support screw can not be used because it hits the surface of the mat. The proper adjustment of the blade support screw is essential to cutting a good 8 ply rag mat. For these reasons we do not recommend cutting 8 ply rag mat with the standard knifehead.
  3. High Density 8 Ply Head: The 8 ply knifehead has been designed to solve the above problems. The knife return spring is stronger to offset the higher forces encountered in the 8 ply rag board. The standard pressure foot spring is used for American 8 ply rag board. A stronger pressure foot spring is required for the denser European 8 ply rag board.
  4. Air Pulse System /Pneumatic Head: The pneumatic head system is designed to reduce operator fatigue during production cutting. The Air Pulse / Pneumatic Head is equipped with the 8 ply knifehead block and a stronger knife return spring. The air pulse system provides a high pressure pulse to insert the knife blade, then reduces the air pressure to 20 psi which greatly reduces the drag on the pressure foot during the cut.

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